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What's Available in Store

Along with our custom and repair services, we carry a wide variety of jewellery to suit your every need. In addition to what is shown on our website, we carry a selection of charms and chains available in store. Our available items change frequently, so be sure to check back regularly and stay up to date on our social medias for any specials or promotions!

*all prices are subject to HST

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Our new lab-grown diamonds are the perfect pieces for those looking for an ethically sourced, beautifully crafted diamond, with the same qualities as those naturally grown. 

These stones are created using the same conditions that generate natural diamonds, but in a secured lab setting. The end result is a brilliantly created stone, with the same composition and molecular structure from the natural diamonds you love!

All of our lab-grown diamonds are 100% certified. They are available in oval or round cut, and 14K white or yellow gold. Stop by in store to see one for yourself!

14K Yellow Gold 1.05CT Oval

Lab-Grown Diamond


14KW Gold 1.0CT Round

Lab-Grown Diamond